Philippe Tessier 'Cheverny Blanc'

80% Sauvignon, 15% Chardonnay, 5% Orbois

Loire Valley, France 2022

About the Winemaker

"In the western Sologne, Philippe and now his son Simon Tessier are making some of the best example of Cheverny blanc, an appellation focusing on blend, and highly versatile with a lift and an elegance due to the sandy clay soil over limestone...Even if the blend is dominated by the Sauvignon, there is no caricatural expression: it is more a variation on grapefruit zest, sage, and white flowers. The aromas on the palate are also all in touches, with notes of apple blossom, anis, lemon zest with a nice subtle bitterness. In this vintage, it is definitely more a Fall bottle than a brisk summery wine, which is perfect! Serve it in a larger glass, let it open for a little bit and serve it with some black sea bass with squash and yuzu, a salad of fennel 3 ways (raw, confit and braised) and of course some goat cheese with an arugula salad dressed with halzenut oil." - Pascaline Lepeltier.