St. Reginald Parish 'Marigny'

100% Carbonic macerated Pinot Gris

Willamette, Oregon


About the Winemaker

The Marigny is a small winery in the Willamette Valley that’s focused on making what some folks call natural wine. Others call it “real wine” or low intervention wine. We like to think of them as Modern Table Wines. For us, these are wines without pretense, meant to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. They aren’t a facsimile of another (oftentimes more iconic) wine that’s been gussied up to be something it’s not with oak chips and flavor enhancers. The Marigny wines simply are what they are: well farmed grapes processed gently and thoughtfully, then bottled with a little SO2 to get them across state lines. So open one up wherever you find your table… which could be your porch, the park, a backyard party or wherever else you let good times roll.

Tasting Notes & Pairings

Compressed watermelon, dried apricot, walking on dusty roads when the sun’s been out all day and it’s finally starting to cool, woody Oolong tea, the feeling of discovering something familiar that is actually entirely new, dinner outside as soon as it’s warm enough, toasted Garam masala

Farming + Vinification

Farming: 700 - 800ft elevation, own-rooted, dry-farmed, Pinot Gris on loess soils. Farmed without glyphosate, herbicides, or pesticides. Cover crop of native plants / flowers, poppys, root vegetables and edible leafy greens. 2. Organically-certified 400 - 500ft elevation, dry-farmed Pinot Gris on loess soils associated with Washington County, OR 3. 300 - 400ft elevation dry-farmed Pinot Gris on loess soils farmed lutte raisonnée 4. 300 - 400ft elevation dry-farmed Pinot Gris on marine sedimentary loam soils farmed lutte raisonnée. Vinification: Full carbonic maceration for 7 - 10 days in stainless steel. Drained, dug and pressed back to stainless to finish fermentation. No temperature control, fining, or filtration.