The EP

The EP is our cheeky take on an 'Extended Play' record, which usually features 4-5 songs from a musical artist or group. It's our low stakes, high rewards monthly subscription that gives you a lens into the 'music' of the moment, in the form of wine. 

By subscribing, you automatically save 10% on the selections we make. So why not give it a whirl?

Here's how it works... 

Side A  :: 2 bottles

By subscribing to 'Side A', you receive 2 bottles of delicious wine we're digging at the moment available for pick up or delivery mid-month, every month (or however long you wish to subscribe). 

Side AB :: 4 bottles

Consider 'Side A' a segue into 'Side B': a continuation of 'Side A' that includes 2 additional bottles that we love and think you will, too. When you sign up for 'Side B', you're really getting the whole package--the beauty of 'Side A' (2 bottles) together with the fullness and lushness of 'Side B' (2 more bottles). The whole EP.