Petr Korab 'Lemonade'

100% Welschriesling

Moravia, Czechia


About the Winemaker

Though Petr Korab studied as an attorney, his grandfather's vineyards had the stronger emotional pull. Though less of a global celebrity as Milan Nestarec, Korab is one of the main darlings of Czechia's natural wine scene.

Tasting Notes & Pairings

The Lemonade is 100% Welschriesling fermented with native yeasts, no added sulfites and with no fining or filtration. Bottled with a touch of CO2 remaining giving it a slight "vivace" character. The Lemonade is citrus and mineral driven with a long lingering finish. Dry and addictively refreshing.


Since 2006, Korab cultivates 4 hectares planted to local varieties and all are farmed organically using biodynamic principles. All of his wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered with minimal to no sulfite additions.